What are the benefits of becoming a VIP?

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How do I buy VIP?

N.B. If you are a Facebook user, you will need to have activated your "Hooves Passport" first before purchasing.

1. Log in to using your Hooves Passport email address and password.

2. Select the Buy VIP button

3. Select whether you wish to purchase 1 month VIP or 3 months VIP

4. Login to your PayPal account or use your credit card to complete the purchase

5. Your VIP will then be active for whichever platform you login to (Social networks/Hooves website or mobile in the future).

How long does VIP status last?

VIP status will last for 30 days from a single purchase, you may also purchase additional blocks of 30 days and they will be added on to the end of your current VIP days. Alternatively, you can sign up for 3 months VIP and receive $75,000 in game cash.

Does buying Game Cash give me VIP?

You do not get VIP for purchasing Game Cash, however if you buy VIP you will get $15,000 game cash (or $75,000 game cash if you purchase 3 months of VIP).

What do Boosters do?

A single use of Boosters cost $10,000 and will add a star to strength and endurance for 3 races. If you use more boosters on the same horse the effect will last for another 3 races on top of what has already been been boosted.

What do Steroids do?

Steroids permanently add a star to strength and endurance on your horse. It still works even if your horse has reached it's maximum potential in either strength or endurance. However steroids can be dangerous, your horse runs a 20% risk of dying instantly for the first use and 10% more risk each subsequent use. They cost $50,000 per use.

What does Feed Plus do?

Feed Plus costs $5,000 to use and keeps your horse fed for three days. They are best used if your horse is already of good health since you wont be able to feed them during these three days to increase their health.


VIP's can purchase custom saddles from the shop. The saddles will display on your horse on the racetrack and can also be viewed by selecting the horse in the stables to view its profile statistics. Some saddles will improve your horse's strength or endurance rating.

Examples of custom saddle designs:

Selling Horses

Selling horses is only available to VIP's.

There are two methods of selling horses.

1. Sell

2. Sell now

The “Sell” button allows you to sell as many horses as you like to the horse market. The Horse market markup is 10 per cent. Horses will remain in the horse market for 24 hours or until sold to another player. You will receive payment once the horse is sold. They can be returned from the market at any time by selecting the “Return Horse” button when clicking on their stable. In order to sell horses directly to the horse market, you need a Horse Selling License - available free from the shop (for a limited time only!) and lasts for 7 days or 2 days, depending on which license you select. You will not be able to use the “Sell now” button while the Horse Selling License is valid.

The “Sell now” button allows you to sell one horse per day to the horse market and receive payment instantly.

The horse market will offer a price on the horse based on it's value to other players, taking into account factors such as age, and its genetic makeup. Geldings are worth a lot less in the horse market due to them not being able to produce offspring.

To be sold horses must be free of steroids and 10 days old or less.

DNA Test

The DNA test is a VIP only feature that allows other players (including non VIP's) to see your horse's track preferences, inherited strength and endurance.

The DNA test is purchased at the Science lab, per horse and will be visible in the horse's equipment panel.

When this horse is put into the horse market or stud farm, it will show that this horse has been DNA tested (displayed as an icon) and other players will be able to click to view the horse's stats.

The horse's stats will also be visible to player's friends, when visiting their stables.