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repaint stables
How do I expand my stables?

Visit your stables, and click the button along the bottom that says “Expand Stables”. The price of expanding your stables increases each time.

How often should I feed my horses?

You should feed your horses at least once a day to stop them from starving and losing health. You can feed them every 8 hours and this will ensure their health increases. If your horses health goes into Poor then it will start to lose strength and endurance and if left long enough will also reduce the horses lifespan! Your friends may visit your stables and help feed your horses. Also VIP's may use Feed Plus which keeps the horse fed for 3 days.

How many stables can I have?

The game allows you to have up to 15 stables.

How do I visit my friend stables?

To visit your friends stables, select the “Friends” stables from the Town map and a list of your Facebook friends who play Hooves of Fire will appear.

You can see who the most active players are (marked in green) and when they last logged into the game.

Select each friend to visit their stables. Once you are in your friend's stable, you can brush their horses for them to keep them happy and peforming at their peak (and earn some handy in game cash on the side).

You can also feed their horses so that they don't starve while your friend is away!

How do I paint my stables? 

Stable painting is only available on the Hooves of Fire website and requires 1 Token.  If you have purchased tokens, login to and visit your stables.  In the bottom toolbar, there will be an option to "repaint" your stable.