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Science Lab

The Science Lab is a VIP only feature.


The Science lab allows you to select the number of doses you wish to give your horse. Each dose will boost your horse for a total of 3 races.


Steroids are now available in 3 varieties; balance, strength and endurance. The same risk of your horse dying still applies!

Balance steroids permanently add one star of strength and one star of endurance to your horse stats.

Strength steriods permanently add two stars of strength to your horses stats.

Endurance steroids permanently add two stars of endurance to your horses stats.

Birth pills

Mare birth pills will give your mare an 80% chance of having a mare next time it breeds.

Stallion birth pills will give your mare an 80% chance of having a stallion next time it breeds.

Leg rotation surgery

Leg rotation surgery swaps your horse's strength and endurance ratings around.

Leg balance surgery

Leg balance surgery evens out your horse's strength and endurance by taking an average of both. If the numerical average of these two stats is low, it may cause your horse to lose a star.

Cryogenic Freeze Horse

Freezes your horse at its current age. You can freeze your horses for an indefinite period of time, however you will need to have VIP status in order to access the Science lab again to unfreeze them.  Price of freezing/unfreezing varies depending on the overall value of the horse. Game cash or Tokens can be used to freeze your horses.

Cryogenic Unfreeze Horse

Allows you to unfreeze your horse. You will not be able to refreeze your horse again for 24 hours. You must also have a spare stable available to unfreeze your horse.

DNA Test

The DNA test allows other players (including non VIP's) to see your horse's track preferences, inherited strength and endurance.

The DNA test is purchased at the Science lab, per horse and will be visible in the horse's equipment panel. The test will be visible each time the horse goes to the stud farm or market (no need to repurchase it each time) and it will also remain if it is sold to another VIP player. If the horse is sold to a non VIP player, the DNA test will be removed.

When this horse is put into the horse market or stud farm, it will show that this horse has been DNA tested (displayed as an icon) and other players will be able to click to view the horse's stats.

The horse's stats will also be visible to player's friends, when visiting their stables.