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Buy improvements

  • Work out which ground and distance is best for your horse and the buy the appropriate horseshoes.

  • Treats (e.g. apples/carrots) from the shop will improve your horses performance.

  • If you can afford it, training shoes, apples and the Flame or Ice Saddle is the best combination.

  • Buy a Star or Sonic brush from the shop. Even though they are expensive, they will pay for themselves quickly as they are worth up to $ 600 / $2000 per horse. If you have 34 friends with full stables you can earn up to $ 1,000,000 a day using the Sonic brush! It also makes your horses much happier.

  • Only use steroids on a horse you can afford to lose, as there is a risk the horse could die. Alternatively, if it lives, the horse's stats may improve dramatically.

  • Use boosts in Group 2 and 1 where the prize money can justify the expense. It does increase your chances of winning but doesn't guarantee a win. Of course if you have lots of cash you can use it in Group 3 to increase your number of wins and get into Group 2 quicker.
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