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Hooves 2nd Birthday

Hooves of Fire turns 2 years old on the 16th December 2011! 
A big thank you to all of the players who have helped us come this far with Hooves.  An especially big thank you to all of our VIP's past and present, and other people who support us and provide the means for us to keep hosting the game and continuing to build new features. 
To celebrate Hooves 2nd Birthday, there will be free chocolate cake treats in the Shop which will add 30% to your horse's trainability. You can store up to 5 slices of cake in your items storage.  The cake is only available for a very limited time so be quick!
hooves chocolate birthday cake treat
- Gourmet chocolate mud cake with ganache filling -
Unlike normal cake, your horse will suffer no ill effects from excess cake consumption.
Whilst you are in your stables, you may also notice that your horses are in the party mood!
- Horses celebrating in the stables -