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Halloween Racing

Halloween Hooves 2011 is here!

Barricade your stables, undead horses are on the loose!
Halloween is here and to celebrate, you can turn your favourite horse into a creature of the night to race in Halloween countries...
To enter the races, select a Jack-O-Lantern treat from the Shop to put a zombie, ghost or vampire curse on your horse.
Visit the Open "Halloween" countries to race your undead horses.
Qualify for the Halloween Cup by winning a zombie, ghost or vampire race in the previous hour, and enter the Cup race for a chance to win the stylish and exclusive Jack-O-Lantern saddle (adds +2 strength and +2 endurance to your horse's stats) and remove the curse from your horse.

Free candy treats are also available in the shop - these will cure any curse on your horse and boost its happiness! BUT be aware that you will not be able to turn your horse undead while the treat is active (10
training sessions).
May the best ghoul win!
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