Special Events

From time to time, Hooves of Fire will host special in game events for players. These events might include additions like special items in the Shop, new countries or unique gameplay elements.

Below are some examples of events that have been hosted:


For Halloween, special countries were set up in the Open rooms and for the duration of the event, players could race the best of their past horses (as ghostly apparitions). Pumpkins, gravestones and all things spooky were seen around the town and on the racetrack.

Hooves of Fire 1st Birthday

To celebrate Hooves of Fire's 1st Birthday on 16th December 2010, for the day (according to players timezone) free Birthday cake treats were available in the shop to improve horse's training performance and happiness. Random party hats were also seen on horses in the stables.


St Patricks Day

In celebration of St Patrick's Day - March 17th, all green coloured horses received a performance boost!


Christmas time means candy canes treats in the shop and a festive look to the town and stables.
christmas hooves stables
xmas town