Private Countries

Private Countries are Open countries that are available for players to rent on a per hourly basis.  If you rent a Private Country, anyone on your friends list (either on Facebook or your Hooves Passport friends list) will be able to join the room and race.  Both VIP and non-VIP friends can join the room. You will have the option when you rent the Private Country to "Allow Spectators" which means anyone will be able to join the Private Country to watch and bet, but will be unable to enter races.

Private Countries also have a Results page that will list the race winners and place getters.  You must be a VIP to view the results page. 

Elite Private Countries

Elite private countries can be rented by anyone (VIP or non VIP) but only VIP players or their VIP friends may enter the room. 

How to rent a Private Country

1.  Log in to using your Hooves Passport
2.  On the right hand menu, click the "Rent Country" button
3.  A list of Private Countries will display.  Those Countries that are available to rent will have a "Rent Me!" button next to them.  It costs 1 Token per hour to rent a Private Country.  Your Hooves Tokens balance will display in the top right hand corner. You will need at least 1 Token to rent a Private Country.
Rent a country list
 4.  Click the "Rent Me!" button and you will be asked to confirm the rental.  You can also choose to tick the box to "Allow spectators" into the country.  This will allow anyone to join the Private Country but they will be unable to enter their horses in races. Click "Complete" to finalise the rental of the Country.
Confirm rental
5.  The Rental Confirmation page will display the name of the Private Country you have just rented and instructions on how to access the Country. 
Races will start to generate in the Private Country within a couple of minutes of this page displaying.
6.  Click "Play Now" from the top menu to get back to the game.
7.  Visit the "Airport" on the Town map and select the "Open" tab. The Private Country you rented will appear in the list of Open Countries, click it to join.  It may take a few minutes for races to start generating after you have confirmed the rental.  While the races are still generating, you may see a black screen.  When the races are finished generating, the race list will populate and the races will start running.  
8.  Race Results for Private countries will display under the Results section of the website. You must be VIP and logged into the game to view the results page.  

Extending Rentals

If you wish to extend the rental, you can do so by visiting the Rent Country page any time before the rental period expires. Only the person who initially rented the Private Country is able to extend the rental.

I'm unable to rent a Private Country, why?

There are 4 reasons you may be unable to rent a Private Country.

1. You have horses still in races

Wait for the races to complete or scratch your horses from races and go back to the Rental page.

2. You have already rented a Private Country

Players can only rent one Private Country at a time. The Rental page will not allow the same player to rent multiple countries.

3. You have insufficient tokens

You will need 1 Hooves Token to rent a Private Country for 1 hour.

4. The country is already rented by someone else.

Check that the country is available by reloading the "Rent Country" page and checking that the "Rent Me!" button is displaying. 

I'm having problems entering a private country when I am Facebook friends with the person that rented it?

Hooves of Fire needs permission from Facebook to access your friends list.  What that means is players (both the renter and the friend) will have visit their "friends stables' within Hooves of Fire and accept the friends permissions dialogue box that pops up.  If they do not do this, or disallow the friends permissions when they were requested, you will not be able to enter the room.   

You can check the permissions that Hooves of Fire has by logging into Facebook, going to Settings (top right) > Apps > Click on Hooves of Fire from the list of apps and make sure the "Friends list" option is ticked.