My Profile

Every player has a Player Profile page.  When you are logged into the game, go to your Stables and open your player profile page by selecting "View My Profile".
The Player Profile includes the following information:  
  • Total races
  • Total wins, places, shows
  • Total Cup wins
  • Number of Stables
  • Total bets
  • Total prize money 
  • VIP status and days remaining
  • Status of your horse seller license (days remaining)
  • Recent activity including horses sold, horses bought, naming new horses, bets won, horses that have died, breedings, stud activty etc.
  • Hardcore tags for players that have won the Race of Champions
Player profile page
-Player profile page-

Horses Tab

The Horses tab shows a list of the current horses in your stable and their current status (e.g. For Sale, at Stud Farm, Race #).
Horses Tab
-Horses tab in player profile-

Past horses

Lists your past horses and their total prize money.  Click on the horse to view more details.
-Past horses tab in player profile-

Achievements Tab

Lists your current achievements and those yet to be unlocked.
Player Achievements
-Achievements tab in player profile-