Players are able to store items for their stable. Saddles, horseshoes, treats and various other items will be able to be collected and swapped between horses in your stables.
Once you purchase or receive an item, it will go into your item storage box which is accessible from your Stables.

Buying items
Items such as treats, horseshoes and saddles are available from the Shop (NeighMart) on a rotational basis.  The stock in the shop will change every 24 hours and some items (e.g. Level 2 items) will appear more rarely than others. 

- Visit NeighMart every 24 hours for new items -

Accessing your item storage

To see your collected items, go to your Stables and select the "Items" icon from the action toolbar.
item storage toolbar
- Stable Toolbar showing Items icon -
Selecting the Items button will display your collection of items. Select the "Next" or "Previous" buttons to scroll through your collection of items.
item storage box
- Items storage box -

Unequipping Items

Items can be unequipped from a horse by clicking it in the horse's equipment box. Items that are broken will be automatically unequipped and returned to your item storage for repair.

Items will also be unequipped when horses are cryogenically frozen, set free, sold or moved on to the greener pastures of Hooves Heaven. Items that cannot be unequipped (e.g. treats) will be destroyed.

Deleting Items

Items that are no longer needed can be deleted from storage (this does not include treats).  To delete items, visit the Blacksmith from the town map.