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What races can I enter my horses in?

Races have restrictions like Group 1, Group 2, Group 3, initially your horses are Group 3 horses and can only race in those races or races that are Open.

Race eligibility

Race eligibility for each racing level (i.e. Beginners, Intermediate, Pro and Champions) will be determined by the horse's pedigree rating.

The only exception to this rule is in the Starter countries, where players must have less than 10 wins to enter.

Countries with a + plus sign type will include more higher group races (Group 1 and 2)

Pedigree Entry level requirements:

  • Starter Countries - Players with less than 10 wins
  • Beginner - Pedigree rating 1 - 10
  • Intermediate - Pedigree rating 8 - 15
  • Pro - Pedigree rating 13 - 20
  • Champions (VIP only) - Pedigree rating 18 - 25
  • Elite (VIP only) - Pedigree rating 23 - 30
  • Open - All pedigrees

Other restrictions include:

  • No wins - your horse must have not won a race
  • Newborns - for horses less than a day old
  • 4-8 days - for horses 4 to 8 days old
  • 9+ days - for horses 9 days or older
  • Geldings - Only for Geldings
  • Stallions - Only for Stallions
  • Mares - Only for Mares

How to enter your horse in races:

There are a couple of ways to enter your horses in races.

Enter races via the Stables:

1. Select the “Stables” button

2. Select a horse to race

3. From the horse profile page, select “Race” button

4. Select a suitable race for your horse to compete in

Enter races via the Races window:

1. Select the “Races” button

2. Highlight an upcoming race that you wish to enter

3. In the right window pane, select the “Enter horse” button

4. Select an eligible horse to enter in the race

What do Group 1, Group 2 and Group 3 mean?

Group 1,2 and 3 are measures of how good your horse is, at birth every horse starts in Group 3, but once a horse has won 20 races it is placed in Group 2, at 50 wins your horse is Group 1.

The higher group races have bigger prize money.

How do race length and track conditions work?

Each horse has a strength and endurance rating, for the most part this is hidden and you only have a vague idea of what their strength and endurance is unless you are VIP.

Strength is important for racing shorter races like the 6000 and 8000 Endurance is important for racing the longer races like the 12000 and 14000

Each horse also has preferences for track conditions, they will perform better on some and worse on others. VIP's can see what their horses track condition preferences are.

Cup Races

In the Beginner, Intermediate, Pro, Champion and Open countries you will occasionally see Cup races which have a larger payout than regular races. These races are a bit harder to win than regular races and winning these races will grant you an achievement award.  Cup races generally have entry requirements.  For example, Cup races in Elite countries require that your horse has won $50 million in prize money and won a race in the previous hour.   The entry requirements for each Cup will be detailed when you attempt to enter a horse that does not qualify into the Cup race.

Why does a 6 or 8 horse race sometimes become a 10 horse race?

Sometimes you will notice that 6 horse race becomes an 8 horse race, or an 8 horse race becomes a 10 horse race. The reason for this is to help players get their horses into races that would otherwise be filled. When a 6 horse race fills up with player horses 2 additional slots get made, and the same when an 8 horse race fills up. The prize money also upgrades when this happens.