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How do I breed horses?

If you own a mare you can breed it with another stallion of your own or with another player's stallion who are currently being offered for stud at a price.

Both horses must be 2 or more days old and you must have a spare stable for the horse. The stallion will be out of action for 30 minutes, the mare will be out of action for 48 hours. At the end of the 48 hours you will have a new horse in your stables.  To breed a new horse:

1. Click the mare in the stables that you wish to breed with (horse must be older than 2 days)
2. Select the "MORE" tab from the horse profile window
3. Select the "Breed" button and you will be taken to the Stud farm where you can select one of your own stallions or another players stallion to stud with.

How do I choose a good stallion to breed with?

If you are not sure whether a horse is of good breeding stock have a look at how many races it has run and how many wins/places/shows it has, that is an good indicator of good horse genes! The pedigree rating is also a good indicator and takes into account a broad range of factors including trainability, maximum stats as well as inherited strength and endurance.

The error message says I don't have room for the foal?

If you are getting the message that you have no room for the foal, it means that either you have a full stable (15 horses) or you need to expand your stables to accomodate the new foal. See here for more information.

How do I become a stud breeder?

Firstly you must purchase a stallion. Once the horse is 2 days+ old you have the option send it to stud. Select the horse in the stable and select the “Stud” button. Set a price within the range offered and when another player selects your horse to stud with, you will receive the stud fee.

How long do stallions stay at the stud farm?

There is a 12 hour limit on the amount of time the horses can stay in the stud farm without being selected. If your horse has returned to the stable and there is nothing listed in your recent activity list then your horse did not get chosen to stud in the timeframe. Otherwise it will be listed in the “Activity” tab when selecting “View My Profile”.

How can I improve my horse's chances of being selected at the Stud farm?

If you are a VIP, you can purchase a DNA certificate from the Science lab which will display your horses stats to a prospective buyer. Players generally like to breed with horses with good track form as well as 'good genetics'.

When is the stud fee paid?

The stud fee is paid at the time of breeding (i.e. when you select the horse from the stud farm).

Why are my horses offspring not as good or better than the sire/mare?

There are two reasons why the breeding can appear to go 'backwards' in strength or endurance.

1. The breeding is not always positive, just most of the time

2. If the average of the two breeding horses results in a low number. Say the average of the two breeding horses is just 15.1 stars in strength. Then, for example, in breeding the foal there is growth of .8 in endurance but -.2 in strength. The foal's strength will show at 14 stars, but the horse has actually experienced growth.

At what age should you breed your horses?

The pedigree of the horse is based on the stats of the horse at birth. Training or racing the horse does not affect its stats. So breeding will be the same at any time regardless of age, but obviously, the earlier you start, the more offspring you can breed.

My mare has died while expecting - will the foal still arrive?

Yes, the stable will remain 'reserved' and the foal will still arrive on schedule.