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How do I buy a horse?horse name change

Go to your stables and click on an empty stall (You may need to expand your stables first, see below). You will then be taken to the market, initially you will only have enough cash for the cheaper horses, have a look around the horse market for one that suits your budget.

How do I buy my second horse?

You will need to expand your stables and then click on an empty stall to visit the horse market to buy your horse (see above).

How do I name my horse?

When you buy or breed a new horse, it will appear in your stable as “New Horse”. To name the horse, simply click on it, and select the “Name” button at the bottom of the window. This will bring up the “Horse Detailer” Screen. You can then select a name of your choosing or select 'Random” to allow the Random Horse Name generator to come up with a name for you. It is also possible to change the hair, body, saddle and number colour of your horse at this stage. Click “OK” when you are happy with your selections.

What are Mares, Stallions, Geldings?

Mare is a female horse, a Stallion is a male horse, Geldings are de-sexed male horses which cannot be bred.
It is possible to geld a Stallion (thereby creating a Gelding) by opening the horse profile page and selecting the “Geld” button.
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Why would I want to geld my horse?

Gelding a horse will slightly improve its stats/performance.  It will also lower its selling price. 

What do breeders names mean?

Some breeders produce better horses than others. You will learn who the good breeders are as you play the game.

How often are horses replaced in the horse market?

Horses on sale from Hooves ingame breeders (e.g. Owens, Moore, Tuck etc.) are replaced in the horse market all of the time. No unsold horse will stay in the horse market longer than 4 hours. Player bred horses will stay in the market for 24 hours before being returned.

How do I make my horses happy?

Brushing the horses daily improves happiness, also getting your friends to brush your horse will make them happier quicker.

Why do some horses have a red glow around them ?

These are horses that have been temporarily 'boosted'. Only VIP players can use boosters on their horses.

My horse's track preference says that it prefers 'none'. What does this mean?

Only VIP's can see track preferences. A track preference of “None” just means that the horse has no track conditions that it will run better on. Track conditions that are listed under a horses “Likes” it will run better on, conditions that are under a horses “Dislikes” it will run poorly on. If a condition is not listed under either likes or dislikes, the horse's performance will be average on that track. Of course you still should consider the length of the race and your horses strength/endurance.

Horse Lifespan

Your horse's lifespan is determined at birth and is randomly generated. The lifespan of the dam and sire has no bearing on the lifespan of their offspring. Your horse's lifespan can be marginally increased by unlocking the Breeder achievements.

What is the maximum lifespan for a horse?

Currently the longest time a horse can live is set at 21 Days.

Horse Form

Against each horse is stored its last 5 races and how that horse performed. The first two digits are the race length, 06 = 6000 14= 14,000 etc. The letter refers to the track condition F=Fast H=Heavy etc. The final two digits refer to the position the horse ran.

Selling Horses

Selling horses is available for VIP's only. The horse market will offer a price on the horse based on it's value to other players, taking into account factors such as age, how many wins the horse has and its genetic makeup. Geldings are worth a lot less in the horse market due to them not being able to produce offspring.

To be sold horses must be free of steroids and 10 days old or less.

Selling horses is only available to VIP's.

There are two methods of selling horses to the market.

1. Sell

2. Sell now

The “Sell” button allows you to sell as many horses as you like to the horse market. The Horse market markup is 10 per cent. Horses will remain in the horse market for 24 hours or until sold to another player. You will receive payment once the horse is sold. They can be returned from the market at any time by selecting the “Return Horse” button when clicking on their stable. In order to sell horses directly to the horse market, you need a Horse Selling License - available free from the shop (for a limited time only!) and lasts for 7 days 7 days or 2 days, depending on which license you select. You will not be able to use the “Sell now” button while the Horse Selling License is valid.

The “Sell now” button allows you to sell one horse per day to the horse market and receive payment instantly.

Does prize money affect the selling price of horses?

Prize Money does not contribute to the sale price. The best price you will get for a horse is at 1 day old then the value will steadily decline, since a buyer will get less time to race/breed the horse.

However, getting a few wins on a horse might help make the horse more attractive to a prospective buyer.

What does the "Set Free" button do?

The “Set Free” button in the horse details screen will allow you to release your horse if you no longer want it (e.g. if it is not performing well) and need to free up room in your stables. Please note that you cannot get your horse back once you have set it free.

Does feeding a horse just before a race have any effect on performance?

No, there is no effect on performance if your horse races on a full or empty stomach!

Star rating system

New rating system includes “Great” and “Supreme” ratings for strength and endurance. Please note that only the category definitions have been adjusted. There has been no changes to horse's strength and endurance ratings.

VIP equivalent ratings;

1-5 stars = poor

6-10 stars = fair

11-15 stars = good

16-20 stars = great

21 stars + = supreme

Horse Profile page

The Horse Profile page has been updated with a new interface and additional features.

The “Actions” tab is designed to show the most commonly performed actions for the horse, brushing, feeding, training etc.

The expanded “More actions” tab includes less commonly performed actions including gelding, studding and the additional VIP only features.

The Horse Profile page also includes tabs for Pedigree and Progeny, as detailed below.

For VIP's track preferences display in green with a + plus sign for likes and track dislikes display in red with a - minus sign.

Pedigree tab

The Horse Profile page now includes a pedigree tab. The pedigree tab includes a pedigree chart and individual pedigree ratings.

Pedigree rating is the overall measure of how good your horses genetics are. It takes into account your birth strength/endurance, trainability and training maximums.

These pedigree ratings will be used to determine race eligibility, your stud price group and the cost of various services from the science lab. It is also visible to other players for the stud farm/horse market. Pedigree rating is visible to all players (VIP and non VIP)

For VIP's, the pedigree tab will also show the horses birth stars for strength and endurance - shown as inherited strength and endurance.

The pedigree chart will show the dam and sire for the bloodline simply by mousing over the “Dam” and “Sire” boxes on the chart. The name of the dam and sire and their pedigree rating will be displayed. Note: the pedigree for non-player bred horses will not display.

Progeny tab

The Progeny tab on the horse detail screen shows all offspring from the selected horse, ordered by prize money. Selecting the horses in the progeny tab will open up their horse detail screen.

Use this to see how well a horse's offspring perform or trace the blood line (e.g. when you have sent your stallion to the stud farm, you can see what became of the offspring!)