Hooves Passport

hooves of fire dot com

What does Hooves Passport do?

Hooves Passport allows you to access your stables from multiple platforms (i.e. social networks, www.hoovesoffire.com website and the mobile Stable Manager application)  It will essentially help us to link you to your stables!  It may also help us recover your account if it is ever compromised (make sure you set a good secret question!). 

How do I get a Hooves Passport?

Step 1:   If you are already playing Hooves of Fire on Facebook, simply visit the “City Hall” on the Town map in game and enter your email address.  This sets up your email address as your universal login for Hooves of Fire. 

Step 2:  Visit www.hoovesoffire.com and enter the same email address you entered as your passport under “Sign Up”

Step 3:  Fill in your details to complete your Hooves Passport registration

Step 4:  You can now login to Hooves of Fire on www.hoovesoffire.com using your email address and password.

NOTE:  If you sign up at www.hoovesoffire.com without activating your passport first, you will not be able to access your stables!
If you are a first time player and you sign up from www.hoovesoffire.com, your Hooves Passport will be automatically activated.

I have an issue with my Hooves Passport...

If you accidentally signed up for Hooves Passport via the website first or for any other issues, you will need to contact us via our Support Form. Depending on your query, you may be asked to answer your account's secret question to verify yourself as the account owner.