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Hardcore Player Tips

Helpful Tips for Would-Be Hardcore Players

Breed up the best horse you can and train it hard with the best saddle/shoes/treats you can afford to prepare it for the Race of Champions

Buy "Great" items from the Shop when they are available and use these on your selected horse

To optimise your ranking in the Hall of Flame, enter the Race of Champions as soon as you have a horse that qualifies

Don't stock up on heaps of items before you move to Hardcore, it will only make your item storage painful to navigate and hugely expensive to repair.

The Race of Champions is a distance of 20,000, this means that one of the keys to winning the race is endurance

Train your horse for specifically for endurance and use "Leg Rotation" surgery if your horse has better Strength than Endurance

Buy and equip the best shoes and saddles that will give a boost to your horse's endurance for the race (e.g. Ice saddle or Great Ice Saddle)

Make sure your horse is at maximum health and happiness before entering the Race of Champions - ask you friends to brush it for you, and equip the watermelon treat

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