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Hardcore FAQ

What is the Race of Champions?

The Race of Champions is run on an 8 hourly basis, only in the Elite + Rooms.  There are 2 pop up warnings upon entering the race to avoid players accidentally entering their horse.

What is the purpose of the Race of Champions?

The Race of Champions is designed to identify a player's status at the time of winning in order for them to enter the Hall of Flame and have all of their achievements in Hooves of Fire recorded for posterity.

What does my Hardcore score comprise of?

It is a sum total of all of your activity in Hooves of Fire.  It includes all of your achievements, wins, places, shows and  ratio of wins to races, prize money - basically a summary of all of your activity.  It will then rank you against every other Hardcore player.

What happens to the prize money if I win the Race of Champions?

The prize money you win from the Race of Champions adds to your achievement record for entry into the Hall of Flame.  The prize money itself is removed from your account on reset to Hardcore.

What happens to the horse that won the Race of Champions - do I get to keep it?

The horse that wins the Race of Champions does not carry over into Hardcore (otherwise the race back to Pedigree 30 would be over pretty quickly!).  Hardcore players can purchase the horse of their choice with their game cash and can fit it with the Hardcore saddle which adds 10% to the prize money to the horse wearing the saddle.  This saddle is Level 6, and will never require repairs.

What happens to my stable expansions when I go Hardcore?

Your stables will be set back to 1 stable, but you can expand them out again to 15 as you accumulate game cash.

What happens if I win the Race of Champions more than once?

Players who win the Race of Champions more than once will have their score added to the "Hardcore" leaderboard in the Hall of Flame. You will receive a second Hardcore saddle and the game will reset again.  Both leaderboards have a time based component to them, the Hardcore one is more heavily weighted to time played.  Both leaderboards consider all in game achievements in calculating player scores.

Where do I race my horses when I go Hardcore?

Should you choose to play Hardcore you will intermingle with existing players at their level rather than have separate countries (or a separate game) to avoid having to race predominately against Hooves of Fire filler horses (particularly in the initial stages). This may be something we review at a later date. Staying in the current game also means you still have access to the same stud farm/market as non-hardcore players.

What about selling my horses?

You can sell as many horses as you want to the horse market and non-hardcore players.  The "sell now" option is disabled.

What happens to my frozen horses?

Your frozen horses will be set free.  You could elect to sell them off prior to entering the Race of Champions if you wish. 

I'm Hardcore and all my horses died, where's my free 'gift' horse?

No free horse hand-outs for Hardcore players, this is hardcore!

What is the Pedigree Limit in Hooves Hardcore?

The pedigree limit in Hooves Hardcore is still 30.

Does this mean that there will be extra features for Hardcore players?

You will have to wait and see!