Hooves Hardcore

What is Hooves Hardcore?

Hooves of Fire Hardcore is not for the faint-hearted. Only serious racers who are up for a challenge need apply!

Think you are up for it?

First of all, congratulations!

So you've hit Pedigree 30... Well done, that's quite an achievement! Pedigree 30 is the highest pedigree achievable in Hooves of Fire!

Where do you go from here? Well...you can hang around in the Elite Countries if you really want to, but for those players who are into serious racing, we have a challenge for you...


Interested? Think you are up for it? 

The Story So Far...

You've had unlimited freezer space, stocked full of your favourite horses, and you've probably made quadrillions of dollars from breeding and selling. In Hooves Hardcore, these features will be a thing of the past.

Hooves of Fire Hardcore is designed to put the challenge back into racing. No more infinite freezer space. No more guaranteed sales. Your key to survival is by racing and breeding great RACE horses, not just any old nag. 

Still interested? Want to know how you can participate in the "tougher than nails" version of Hooves of Fire?

The Challenge Continues...

After winning the Race of Champions, your score will be entered into the Hall of Flame and enter "Hooves Hardcore".
Here's the challenge for Hardcore players;
  • Your game account will be essentially 'reset'
  • Game cash will be set back to $6,000
  • Your stable expansions will be removed (back to 1 stable)
  • Bid farewell to your overstocked freezer full of horses...they will be defrosted and sent off to greener pastures
  • Freezer space will be reduced to 20 horses only
  • No more 'gift horses' if your stable and freezer are empty
  • Say bye-bye to the “sell now” option but you can still sell horses through the market
  • Your achievements are retained
  • Your items (except brushes) are retained
  • You will retain your VIP and any tokens you have purchased 

And I'm sure the next question you will ask is.. "Why on earth would I want to do THAT???"

  • Because you are a Hardcore Racer!
  • Bragging rights! Your profile will have a special "tag" that identifies you as a Hardcore player
  • Separate leaderboard for Hardcore players, compete against the best of the best!
  • Grants you a special Hardcore saddle which can only be earned by winning the Race of Champions. The item is a Level 6 saddle that will stay permanently with your account and never needs repairing.  The saddle effect is a bonus 10% prize money to the horse that is wearing it.

How do I enter Hooves Hardcore?

The only way to enter Hooves Hardcore is to race a Group 1, Pedigree 30 horse with at least $150 million prize money in the Race of Champions and win!

Once you have won the race, your score will be entered in the Hall of Flame and you will automatically enter Hooves Hardcore - and there's no turning back...
We are aware that it's a big change to the way things have been, which is why we've left it up to you to make the choice.
Warning: Make sure you are ready to enter Hooves Hardcore before you enter your horse in the Race of Champions. Once you win the Race of Champions, your account will automatically be flagged as "Hardcore" and the 'reset' will take place.

Summary of Game Account features retained and removed for Hooves Hardcore Players
Hardcore Game account features Kept Removed
Achievements Yes No
Wins/Cups/Bet/prize money tallies Yes No
Items in storage Yes No
Hooves Hardcore special item Yes No
VIP status Yes No
Tokens balance Yes No
Game cash No Yes
Stable expansions No Yes
Sonic/star brushes No Yes
All horses (including frozen horses) No Yes
"Sell now" option No Yes
Unlimited freezer space No Yes
 * restricted to 15 horses