How to Play

Hooves of Fire is a multiplayer Adobe Flash game that allows you to buy, train, race, breed and bet on horses.

How to Play Hooves of Fire

In the beginning of the game, you will start off in the Starter countries with $6,000 and one horse in your stable. 

Make sure you train, feed and brush your horse regularly to keep it happy and performing at its peak. If you don't attend to your horse on a regular basis, it will become unhealthy and unhappy.

Start racing your horse as soon as you can to earn money and use this money to expand your stables and buy as many horses as possible. 
Once you have bought a couple of horses, keep training, feeding and brushing them in the stables and entering them in races.  Entering plenty of races gives you a better chance to win prize money to build up your bankroll. 
Keep entering your horses in more races once they return to your stables after racing.  For the first 2 days, just continue to race, feed and train your horses.  If you can afford it, buy some sugar cubes from the Shop (if they are available) to help your horses train up faster.

Once your horses are two days old, you will be able to breed them.  The idea is to breed to a better pedigree horse so that your stable improves over time.  Better horses win more races and can race in higher level countries for more prize money!

Other tips

Once you have finished racing, put any stallions you have into the Stud Farm - this gives other players the opportunity to breed with your horse and will earn you some cash also.

Make sure you keep your betting small until you have some extra cash play with.

For more in depth advice on how to play the game, please visit the Strategy Guide

Please read the Rules of Conduct before you play.