Hooves of Fire friends are helpful to have. You can brush your friend's horses for money and your friends can look after your horses by brushing and feeding them for you when you are not around! Hooves of Fire allows you to interact with your friends in a number of ways.

Visit friends stables

To view your friends stables, select the “Friends” stables from the Town map and a list of your friends who play Hooves of Fire will appear.

friends stables

- Friends Stable icon on the Town map -

You can see who the most active players are (marked in green) and when they last logged into the game.

Select each friend to visit their stables. Once you are in your friend's stable, you can brush their horses for them to keep them happy and peforming at their peak (and earn some handy in game cash on the side).

You can also feed their horses so that they don't starve while your friend is away!

Inviting friends

To invite more friends to play, select the “Friends” stables from the Town map and select the “Invite more friends to play” button to choose additional friends to join you in Hooves of Fire.

How do I find which country my friends are playing in?

Click your "Friends" on the Town map and select the profile of the friend you want to find. The name of the country your friend is playing in will be displayed in their profile.

hooves of fire friend profile
- Friends profile showing where they are playing -

How do you friend players on

Your friend list from other platforms will not carry over with your Hooves Passport.
If the player is visible to you (e.g. in a room), click on their Profile and select "Friend user" to friend them.

Note: The player you are "friending" must also be playing on or have an activated Hooves Passport.

If the player is not visible to you, you will need to know their profile user name (e.g. Sally Jones)
  1. Click the "Friends" stable and then the "Search" tab.
  2. Type in the profile name of the user you are trying to add
  3. Select "Search" and a list of users matching will be displayed
  4. Select the correct user name and a friend request will be sent to that player
In order for the friend to be added, the other player must also visit their "Friends" stable, select the "Requests" tab and approve your request.

How do you defriend players on

  1. Open the players profile (if they are in the same room as you) and select the "Defriend" user button
  2. Open your "Friends" stable select the user you wish to defriend, click the icon to open their profile and select the "Defriend" user button
Note: Defriending players on will not automatically defriend them on other platforms

Show/hide inactive friends

To hide your inactive friends (those who have not played the game for 7 days or more), select the Show/Hide inactive friends button on the Friends list.

Private studding

VIP's can choose to privately stud their horses to their friends only. Usually when a horse goes to the stud farm, it is available for any Hooves of Fire player to use. If the 'private stud' button is used to stud the horse, it will only be visible to your friends who also play Hooves of Fire.

Private Countries

Renting private countries via will allow any players that are friends with you (either via Facebook or the Hooves website) to enter the private country and race.