I bought VIP/game cash but it has not been added to my account?

There might be a short delay in updating your account after you purchase.  If you are not logged into the game, or have timed out during the transaction, your VIP or 
game cash may not have been added to your account automatically.  Please fill in a support ticket so that we can resolve this issue for you.

How are the betting odds determined?

The odds are based on the horses suitability for the race. Even though it is unlikely, a horse can still not show even if the odds were 1.0 for the show.

How can I earn in-game cash?

There are multiple ways to earn cash in game.

What are the benefits of becoming a VIP?

See the VIP page for more details.

Why is the chat screen not active for me?

When you first played the game you selected to disable chat in the game. To reset the chat question visit this link http://www.hoovesoffire.com/hooves/reset-restriction.php in your browser and then load up the game again.

Why are there so many Hooves of Fire horses in the races?

The “Hooves of Fire” horses only fill up races 4 minutes before the scheduled start time so they are not taking up places that would otherwise be filled by real players. Only the Group 1 races have 1 pre entered special Hooves Horse in it for a bit of a challenge. Group 2,3 and Open Cups can have all player horses if enough players enter the cup. If there is more than 1 Hooves horse in a cup then it means not enough players entered the race.

Why are the same Hooves of Fire horses running in No Wins/Newborn and regular Group 3 races?

Even though the same “Hooves of Fire” horses fill in these races, they are handicapped in the No Wins and Newborn races to be fair on the less experienced player horses.

I just (accidentally or otherwise) gelded my horse - Would you please be able to restore it back to being a stallion?

To be fair to all players, we cannot restore your horse if you have inadvertantly gelded it - be careful where you click!

I just (accidentally or otherwise) steroided my horse and it died? Would you please be able to restore it?

To be fair to all players, we cannot restore your horse if it has died from using steroids.

I just (accidentally or otherwise) sold my horse / set my horse free - Would you please be able to return it?

To be fair to all players, we cannot return your horse if it has been sold or set free.

I have lost all my money and have no horses can I reset the game?

There is currently no way to reset the game, the reason being it would allow new players to bet all their money and reset until they won big off their starting money.

Unfortunately if you end up in this state the only way to make money (without purchasing game cash) is to brush friends horses and collect the daily bonus money (this can be anywhere between 50 and 1000 game cash each day).

The introductory screens try to reinforce the idea of not betting all your money straight away to help prevent players from going broke at the start.

All of my horses died, where is my free gift horse?

If all of your horses die you will receive a free horse only if;

- you have not sold or set free a previous 'free' horse in the last seven days

- you are not a Hardcore player

- you have no frozen horses

If you have frozen horses and your account has been inactive for over a month, Albert Einstallion will offer you a free cryo unfreeze when you return to the game.

PLEASE NOTE: The free horse that you receive will not necessarily be the same as the highest pedigree of horse that you previously achieved in your stable.

How do I reset the email address or password of my Hooves Passport?

You will need to contact us directly http://www.rubberduck.com.au/contact-us/

We will ask you some questions to verify you as the account owner. 

To reset your password on your Hooves Passport, on the login screen, enter your password incorrectly and the next page will direct you to reset your password.

I want to give VIP/Tokens to another player, how can I do this?

We will transfer VIP of 30+ days or 10 or more tokens to another player if requested. Please contact us using your Hooves Passport email address to request the transfer.

Do you have to be a VIP to play?

No, you can still play Hooves of Fire without being a VIP, however VIP's have access to advanced features.

Do I need a credit card to purchase VIP/Game Cash?

No, by using PayPal you can elect to use a credit or debit card, or to make Paypal payments directly from your bank account.

Why do the town/stables/horses look strange or different?

From time to time, Hooves of Fire has special ingame events which may change some parts of the game. This may mean that horses look different, the town or stables look different, the shop may have special items available or there might be an in game event.

What is the limit of game cash I can have in my Hooves of Fire account?

The limit for game cash is set at $100,000,000,000,000,000.  Any amounts earned after this limit will not be credited to your account, this includes winning bets that exceed the game cash limit.