Chat rooms

Hooves of Fire includes chat rooms for players 18 years+.  When you first sign into the game, you can elect whether or not you wish to participate in the chat rooms.

Why is the chat screen not active for me?

When you first played the game you selected to disable chat in the game. To reset the chat question visit this link in your browser and then load up the game again.

Why are players names displaying in different colours?

  • Players with their names in gold are VIPs
  • Players with a green highlight are those with chat enabled
  • Players with a grey highlight are those with chat disabled, these players do not see the game chat and cannot communicate with other players.
  • Players with flames are "Hardcore" players

How do I report a player for offensive conduct in chat?

If a player is being offensive/abusive or otherwise infringing the Rules of Conduct:
  1. Click on them to open their profile
  2. Select "Report User"

Guidelines for reporting offensive conduct in chat

We ask that you also follow these guidelines when reporting  users for offensive conduct:
  1. If someone starts abusing you in game chat, do not retaliate or you may find yourself chat banned as well - use the report user button to report them.  
  2. Always put a 'reason' in the user report. As you may appreciate we receive MANY user reports every day and having to read through all of them is very time consuming (especially when people misuse the system, make false reports etc.) and trying to 'umpire' disputes is difficult and even more time consuming when the reporting party is also contributing to the dispute.
  3. Report the player a maximum of twice per incident: once when the abuse commences and then, if it continues, report them when it ceases. This will prevent your reports from being 'ignored'.