Record of changes made to Hooves of Fire Horse Racing Game, including fixes, changes and new features.

April 2015

  • Private Elite countries added
  • Inactive players with frozen horses will receive a free ‘unfreeze’ on return.
  • Facebook Login API Version 2.x added

December 2014

  • Special treats for Birthday and Festive Season added

December 2013

  • Blacksmith "Destroy item" feature added
  • New filler horses added
  • Hardcore freezer space increased to 20 slots
  • Special treats for Birthday and Festive Season scheduled for Shop
  • Bug fix for private room rental not allowed when player has only 1 token remaining
  • Bug fix for snow theme at stables not displaying

September 2013

  • Facebook local currency payments implemented
  • Race 'shuffling' bug fixed
  • Statistics page on updated and working
  • Race results will now display correctly for Tournament and Private rooms
  • Hardcore saddle will no longer disappear when the race is won multiple times
  • Private room rental rates decreased from 2 tokens to 1 token per hour
  • DNA test can now be purchased for a token or game cash
  • Twitter feed now displays correctly on homepage
  • Message pop up on login will display which friend is tending your horses
  • Converted Pro Rooms into Elite rooms
  • Group 2 Cups added to Pro
  • Text on cryo freeze updated

December 2012

Website/Facebook versions:
  • Private countries chat clearing fix: chat will now be cleared when rental finishes
  • Fix to repair all repairing equipped items
  • Fix to prices when repairing all items
  • Fix for intermittent glitch preventing items from being repaired at a certain point of degradation

Facebook version specific changes:

  • Removed all text references and hyperlinks to from within the game in compliance with Facebook's new policy
  • Changed Privacy Policy and Terms of Service redirect to be within the Facebook canvas instead of hosted on

October 2012

  • Private countries added
  • Facebook profile picture display issue fixed
  • Performance optimisations added
  • Bug fixes for item degradation

February 2012

  • Facebook integration issues fixed
  • Duplicate shop items fixed
  • Tournament room Cup race added
  • User/horse reports require 'captcha' code to be sent

December 24th 2011

  • Race of Champions added
  • Race of Champions achievement added
  • Hooves Hardcore added
  • Hooves Hardcore Facebook Page established
  • Profile and gamer tags for Hardcore players added
  • Selling and freezing restrictions for Hardcore players added
  • Level 6 Hardcore saddle added
  • Hall of Flame added to Town Map
  • Hall of Flame background and score lists added
  • Player score calculations added
  • Race of Champions score list added 
  • Facebook news feed posts for Race of Champions wins added
  • Christmas Stables and Town graphics added
  • Candy cane treat in shop added 
  • Correction made to horseshoe prices as permanent items
  • Bet limits increased
  • Bet format changes now allow for entry of  "M" "B" or "T" for million, billion or trillion dollar bets
  • Blacksmith added to Town Map.

December 5th 2011

  • Permanent item storage added
  • Permanent shop items added
  • Item repair and degradation added
  • Racer achievement added
  • Item levels added
  • New training level created- "Exceptionally" (same effect as Supremely)
  • "Supremely" now has a greater effect and is the highest level of training achievable.
  • Saddles are now on rotation in the shop and will occassionally have Level 2 Saddles available


  • Special horse saddle display fixed
  • User/horse report text field entry fixed

August 2011

  • Sounds added to gameplay elements
  • Elite rooms added
  • Elite Cup added
  • Qualifier Entry requirements for Elite Cup added - $5 million race winnings plus a race win in the previous hour to the race.
  • Race structure added to Tourney room
  • Addition of option to use tokens for cryogenic freezing/unfreezing
  • Game cash limit increased to $100,000,000,000,000,000


  • Login checks on PayPal payment pages
  • Fix to Facebook wall posts
  • Fix to Invite friends dialog on Facebook

July 2011

Science Lab

  • Rebalancing of prices for cryogenic freezing/unfreezing of horses. Changed costs to 50% freeze: 50% unfreeze instead of 25%:75% 


  • Trial country "Tourney" for tournament races added in "Open" (no prize money or cups)
  • Additional champs room added


  • New trackside billboards added

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for Facebook friends list bug not adding new friends
  • Fix for Facebook friends invite bug
  • Stable painting bug fixed on

June 2011

Hooves Passport

  • Hooves Passport feature added to allow players to sign into Hooves of Fire on multiple platforms using a single email login

Hooves of Fire Website

  • Standalone website developed at
  • Integration of Twitter feed on website
  • User sign up and registration interface developed
  • User login interface developed
  • Hooves Passport integration developed
  • Contact support form for sales/technical enquiries
  • Add friend/invite friend/remove friend functionality developed
  • Search for friends functionality developed
  • Game interface redesign

Hooves Tokens

  • Hooves Token currency added
  • Hooves Tokens purchase interface added
  • Horse renaming with Hooves Token
  • Stable customisation with Hooves Token


New players

  • New players will automatically receive a horse and $6000 in game cash when they join

Returning players

  • Players returning to the game with no frozen horses or horses in their stable will automatically receive a new horse when they sign in

User interface

  • VIP players names now display in gold in the “Players online” window
  • Chat active users display in green highlight in the "Players online" window, chat inactive users display in grey highlight
  • Current race list displays for users without the chat feature enabled
  • Hide/show inactive friends button added to “Friends” window
  • Repaint button added to stables action buttons on
  • City hall building added to Town map
  • Purchase Hooves Tokens button added to City Hall menu
  • Rename a horse button added to City Hall menu
  • Manage account button added to City Hall menu
  • Stud farm background added
  • DNA tested checkbox added to Stud farm search
  • Expanded filters on price search for horse market and stud farm
  • Pedigree displays in list on cryogenically frozen horses
  • Flash client version confirmation added
  • Billboard ad rotation on tracks
  • New finish line added
  • New game help/wiki site developed
  • Game help and Twitter link added at the bottom of the game page on Facebook app


  • Table/database optimisations

Bug fixes

  • Fix to selling a horse with DNA certificate - current owner is now shown on the horse profile tab
  • A horse that is given feed plus and returned from the stud farm will now correctly calculate the remaining feed plus duration
  • Help guide for new players is now functional
  • Fix to cooldown on player bought horses. Horses bought from market cannot be resold to the market or by using sell now for 48 hours
  • Fix to stud farm breeding; breeding is now restricted to stallions not less than 2 pedigree ratings below the pedigree rating of the mare
  • Player profile pop-ups bug fixed

January 2011

This is a list of changes contained in the Hooves of Fire, January 2011 update.

Race eligibility

  • Race eligibility for each racing level (i.e. Beginners, Intermediate, Pro and Champions) will be determined by the horse's pedigree rating.
  • The only exception to this rule is in the Starter countries, where players must have less than 10 wins to enter.
  • Countries with a + plus sign type will include more higher group races (Group 1 and 2)

Entry level requirements

  • Starter Countries - Players with less than 10 wins
  • Beginner - Pedigree rating 1 - 10
  • Intermediate - Pedigree rating 8 - 15
  • Pro - Pedigree rating 13 - 20
  • Champions (VIP only) - Pedigree rating 18 - 25
  • Open - All pedigrees

DNA Test

  • The DNA test is a VIP only feature that allows other players (including non VIP's) to see your horse's track preferences, inherited strength and endurance.

  • The DNA test is purchased at the Science lab, per horse and will be visible in the horse's equipment panel. The test will be visible each time the horse goes to the stud farm or market (no need to repurchase it each time) and it will also remain if it is sold to another VIP player. If the horse is sold to a non VIP player, the DNA test will be removed.

  • When this horse is put into the horse market or stud farm, it will show that this horse has been DNA tested (displayed as an icon) and other players will be able to click to view the horse's stats.

  • The horse's stats will also be visible to player's friends, when visiting their stables.

Horse pedigree display

  • The horse pedigree will now display on the Horse Profile picture in a star