Hooves of Fire has achievements that can be obtained and will unlock certain rewards or extra features within the game once they are reached.

To view your achievements, select the “View My Profile” button along the top of the game and then click the “Achievements” tab. 
Holding the mouse over each achievement will tell you what is required for you to unlock the achievement or the date on which the achievement was completed.
There are 3 levels of achievement - Amateur, Pro and Expert.

Achievements can be obtained for Training, Breeding, Brushing, Racing and Cup Races.
Please note that brushing and/or training of newborn horses (your own and other players' horses) does not count towards the achievement.

Racer Achievements

There is a restriction on the number of items you can equip to your horses per hour. The number of items you can equip per hour is based on your level of "Racer Achievement".
No achievement (less than 50 overall race wins) = 1 item equip per hour
Amateur Racer Achievement (50 overall race wins) = 2 item equips per hour
Pro Racer Achievement (2000 overall race wins) = 3 item equips per hour
Expert Racer Achievement (5000 overall race wins = 4 item equips per hour

The Racer Achievements are displayed in your Player Profile under the "Achievements" tab.

Groomer Achievements

Awarded to you for brushing horses (yours and your friends horses).

Amateur Horse Groomer = Brush horses 50 times.Unlocks the Star Brush in the shop
Pro Horse Groomer = Brush horses 200 times. Unlocks the Sonic Brush in the shop
Expert Horse Groomer = Brush horses 1000 times

Breeder Achievements

Awarded to you for breeding your mares with other horses. Each level of achievement raises the minimum lifespan by 2 days and maximum lifespan by 1 day in your newborns.

Amateur Horse Breeder = Breed 10 horses

Pro Horse Breeder = Breed 50 horses
Expert Horse Breeder = Breed 200 horses

Trainer Achievements

Amateur Horse Trainer = Train 50 sessions. Unlocks the carrot in the shopAwarded to you for training your horses.
Pro Horse Trainer = Train 200 sessions. Unlocks the apple in the shop
Expert Horse Trainer = Train 1000 sessions. Unlocks the watermelon in the shop

Cup Wins

Under the “Trophies” section of the Achievements tab, you will be able to view any trophies that your horses have won in Cup races.

Table showing Achievements and Unlocks

 Achievement Racer    Groomer Trainer Breeder
Amateur 50 50  50 10
Pro 2000 200 200 50
Expert 5000 1000 1000 200
Amateur unlock 2 item equips per hour Star brush Carrot + 2 days to min. lifespan
+ 1 day to max. lifespan
Pro unlock 3 item equips per hour Sonic brush Apple + 4 days to min. lifespan 
+ 2 days to max. lifespan 
Expert unlock 4 item equips per hour   Watermelon + 6 days to min. lifespan
+ 3 days to max. lifespan