Account Security

Keeping your Hooves of Fire account safe

We have compiled a list of tips to help players keep their accounts secure and hopefully avoid account theft.

1. Always use a strong password

Don’t make your password and obvious one (e.g. your pets name, your birthday etc). Make sure your password has more than 6 characters and includes both capital and lowercase letters, number(s) and/or symbols. 

2. Don't let your browser "remember" your password

Selecting “remember me” will store your login information after you log out.

3. Don’t tick the “Keep me logged in” button on Facebook

This will store your login information on your computer meaning you will automatically login to Facebook without entering your login information.

4. Always log out when you leave Facebook or the Hooves of Fire website

Don’t close the browser to log out of Facebook or the Hooves of Fire website, make sure you log out first. Then close the browser!

5. Change your password every few months

If you change your password regularly, there is less chance of someone guessing your password. Also, if you have logged in from someone else’s computer and changed your password, there is no chance for that ‘old’ password to be retrieved from that machine later and used to access your account.

6. Don't save your password on your computer

Don’t save your password anywhere on your computer, in a file or email. If your machine is compromised, it is possible that your password can be retrieved and used to access your account.

7. Don't sign in to your Facebook Account or Hooves of Fire website from any other computer except "trusted" machines

There may be malicious software installed that can ‘harvest’ your account details.

8. Don't login in to your Facebook Account from any other link except

Don’t login to Facebook from unfamiliar sites or from links in emails. Hackers can develop login sites that mimic the Facebook login pages and if you enter your details into these sites, your account details can be stolen.

9. Add two emails to your Facebook Account and use the security question feature

Adding the secondary email address, security questions and your mobile phone number will help retrieve your account if it is compromised.

10. Only add people you know as friends

If you don’t know someone, don’t add them. If one of your Facebook “friends” starts harassing you or becomes threatening or abusive, block them and then remove them from your friends list. Beware of accounts that may mimic someone already on your friends list.

11. Set your security settings in Facebook to “only my friends” or “only me”

This prevents your information being shared with people outside of your friends list and the rest of the world

12. Do not download unknown or unsolicited files to your computer

You may be inadvertently downloading and installing malicious software on your computer that can harvest your account details and other important information.

13. Make sure your antivirus/antispyware software is up to date

Prevention is better than a cure!

14. Sign up for Hooves Passport and set a secret question for your Hooves of Fire account

Setting a secret question will help us identify you as the account owner in case your account is compromised. Never enter an email address that you do not own into Hooves Passport.