All the thrills of Horse Racing without leaving home! Feel the excitement as your horse bolts out of the gate in front of the field...

Hooves of Fire is an Adobe Flash game that allows you to buy, sell, train, breed and race your own horses. Chat in real time to other players around the world. Win game cash from races or strike it lucky by picking a winner. Build up your stable by training your horses regularly, feeding them and breeding to the best available stock.

The aim of the game is to breed a stable full of champion horses. Compete in prestigious Cup races, and win your way to the top!

Interact with friends

Chat whilst you compete against your friend's horses in real time. Brush and feed your friend's horses to earn achievements and access to special items to improve your stables.

Real time racing

Place your bets, enter your horses and sit back to watch the races run in real time and compete against real players from around the world.

Breed a stable of champions!

Train your horses to improve their strength and endurance in races. Put your best stallion out to stud and command a stud fee from other players. Sell your horses in the market and make your name as a breeder.

The sky is the limit!

Here in this Wiki you will find detailed information on how to play the game, frequently asked questions as well as advice for technical issues you may be experiencing with the game.

>> For hints and strategies on how to play the game, please review the Strategy Guide

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